Reputation Management

Have you ever entered your name into a search engine and been horrified at what you have seen.

Now we all like a good time, but can those photographs from the Stag or Hen weekend in Prague be coming to the attention of your line manager or the narrow minded Head of Human Resources?

How can you take back control of your online presence.

Paul Darnborough Legal offers advice and assistance in online personal profile management.

An online profile clean up service is the first call. To help access the right to forget (see our blog on this subject).

There is now case law to protect your reputation on line.

I have many years of experience in the active management all online forums to restore your reputation. Since 2006 there has been a concept of the Right to be Forgotten. This is now enshrined in European Case Law and I can take you through the steps to clean up your online presence.

The law allows a return to privacy of the individual and a right not to be prejudiced as a consequence of a past action demeanour or action

Situations exist where a moment’s madness acts as an impediment to work, credit, relationships and reputational damage. I provide a seamless personal online reputation health check and management service and can restore your reputation

Paul Darnborough Legal provides both shield and sword to protect you and restore any attack or damage that your reputation may suffer.

Following a crisis or drastic change in circumstances you may need access to expert legal advice to protect your reputation, or ability to work. What are you without it?

I am here to protect you from any damage that you may have suffered and to provide strategic solutions to rebuild, negotiate or silence those who have harmed you.
Or may wish to cause you harm.

What I Do.

In the world of work I provide proper legal advice regarding disputes, from redundancy to matters of work place bullying. Employment laws are complex, the law is not clear when you are in the middle of stressful disputes.

In the digital world life can feel wild and lawless and this can be worrying when our lives are lived inside this digital world.

I provide expert strategies and solutions for solving disputes that may arise and legal protection for you and your family. Whilst there is no statutory offence of Cyberbullying, online behaviour can often stray into the realm of criminality. I have used injunctions to protect individuals and prevent harassment. Where necessary I have worked with the police in the making of restraining orders.

Help me protect, you or your children and offer the right advice at the right time to find the solution you need.

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