Stand Up to Bullies

These are coarse times. We need our leaders to behave well because if they don’t, no one else does.

People can be cruel. People think they can verbally criticise, or digitally attack you, your reputation and your character get away with it. They can’t. We have strategies applying the law to stop this and help protect you.

Everyone is a keyboard warrior, lot’s of people can try to mobilise opinion against you. This can have a devastating effect on your wellbeing, happiness, confidence and ultimately working environment.

Do not suffer alone.

Come and see us and tell us about it. A problem aired is a problem halved. We will listen and help your problem in it’s context. Then devise a solution to suit you and your wallet.

From a cease and desist letter, mobilising our contacts with the Police and the Crown Prosecution Service to ultimately a prosecution for damages. There are many options to consider. Do not underestimate the power of a well crafted Solicitors letter, dipped in the well of legal knowledge.

We just want to live in peace. Let us help you do so. Paul Darnborough Legal Standing up to Bullies since 2010.

Contact paul@darnborough legal or ring 0161 241 2734 if you need our services.