Social Media Trolls

At Paul Darnborough Legal are seeing a huge increase in people who are being trolled and bullied, harassed and lives made a misery on social media.

Each case is different and the solutions offered by us here at Paul Darnborough Legal are different and tailored, like a beautiful suit or chemise to the needs of the individual

For example.

A professional investor in the stock market found himself and his family being vilified and harassed by a disgruntled individual. In this rare and unusual situation the harassment had strayed from the civil into the criminal code. The behaviour, comments and abuse were clearly a pattern of conduct amounting to  and causing harassment, alarm and distress.

In this situation we arranged for our client to attend the police station and make a formal complaint and the police did the rest.

We were on hand to make it clear that if there were to be a repeat of any behaviour  there would be a civil damages claim to answer. This would have huge financial consequences along with legal and court costs for the respondent to pay.

Another case involved a strange situation where a jealous and disgruntled community closed ranks against a famous artist to insult and deride his work. Our solution was to look at the source of the problem. There were 3 individuals instigating and promoting the discord in the community.

By directing targeted correspondence separately to and personally crafted to isolate the people involved we were able to nullify the aggression from 2 of the individuals thus isolating the prime mover in the whole matter.

These tactics were specifically adopted to deal with the situation that existed. We were reluctant to issue court proceedings due to the cost and time an action would take and this was a matter which had not broken the criminal code.

It’s a sad fact of life that the power of social media can be used in such a destructive and hurtful manner. Where you can be slandered, defamed and be trolled with what appears to be no redress and consequence. We suggest a quick phone call or consultation with Paul Darnborough Legal may be a step in the direction of redressing that balance and provide you with the support and solutions to solve this modern day problem. 

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