Making a Will

Try thinking like this; Just because you have made a Will doesn’t mean you are going to die.

And; Because you haven’t made a Will doesn’t mean you are going to live forever.

You won’t none of us will unfortunately we will all leave this beautiful world. Let’s do it properly. I don’t mean like David Bowie, leaving a concept album and videos predicting your death. Just a straight forward will.

By making a Will you can

Save tax legitimately.

Decide to whom your property and possessions go to after your death

Amazingly 70% of British adults have not made a Will and a similar number who have children under 18 year of age. It is such a risk. And we make writing and preparing your Will a happy occasion and empowering

Just call it personal life planning

We all lead complex messy lives. If you die with out a will then the law determines how your estate is divided up. Taking NO account of your personal circumstances.

These provisions are dated and rigid and only cover a certain set of scenarios. So you lose any say in what happens to your estate.

You lose control of your assets and you could leave those who you love and have cared for you most. With nothing.

By failing to make a Will you could deprive your family of much needed financial support for University fees, a deposit for a house and be paying tax at 40%.

You will be surprised that using a Solicitor is not expensive, we are flexible and can come to see you, at your home at a time to see you.
We are Professional; 6 years training. Fully insured and regulated and based locally

We aren’t going anywhere. You know who you are dealing with and where we are. If you need to amend and alter your Will, easy, just let us know.

You should really alter your Will as circumstances change.

We are more than Will writers. We are trusted advisors.

Think about that, a trusted advisor on your doorstep. Empathetic Professional, discreet. And surprisingly cheap for what is the most important document you will ever prepare.

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