Divorce is no fun

I know you don’t care, but for your information Divorce Lawyers have the highest rate of depression, suicide, alcoholism and stress within our esteemed or reviled profession.

Why is this you ask? There are many reasons; It isn’t easy being a trusted advisor, a heavy case load of bitter divorce cases is not easy to carry. The lengthy Friday evening phone calls can be wearisome. The general dissatisfaction from the whole process is ultimately….. depressing for everyone. Particularly the professional trying his or her best to help you through it. No one. No one wins.

Okay. Our approach is to be up front and honest about this with you. Let’s be clear, you are going to be worse off. What is in the matrimonial pot is going to have to stretch to 2 houses, 2 sets of bills and look after everyone’s needs. Everyone is likely to be hurt by the process.

So how can we approach this? At Paul Darnborough Legal. We will sit you down and say the above. Then work out a strategy, look at the figures, examine the contributions to the marriage, put the children first and address the needs of the parties in the marriage.

In British Law the starting point for the division of matrimonial assets is 50 50. Yes, I know she/he never worked but the lens of the law is unemotional. A good financial remedy is one that neither party is happy with. That’s the rub and don’t blame your lawyer, please.

We aim to get to the solution without the pain or cost. Still taking on clients.

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